Construction Services for City, County and State Government Agencies

Construction Services for Cities and Counties

During our 45 years working in the construction industry, we have established processes and systems that enable us to consistently deliver construction services for city, county and state agencies on time and within budget with minimal disruption to citizens. This is why local entities contact us when they solicit bids for government construction projects such as fire stations, libraries, community centers, correctional facilities, or large public works projects such as wastewater treatment plants.

These are some reasons why you should work with us on city and county construction projects.

  • We have extensive experience budgeting municipal new build and renovation projects and understand your strong obligation to the citizens that you serve.
  • Our crews complete projects in urban environments with minimal disruption to citizens and are experienced in working in remote locations where access may be challenging.
  • We have the security clearances required to work in your facilities and on public lands and understand your processes and procedures.
  • Our team is accustomed to working with city, county and state contracts and with multiple price books and meeting strict government procurement requirements
  • We apply the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) delivery method to guarantee a maximum project price based on the documents and specifications provided.
  • If you are already working with a design team, we can assist with budgeting, constructability, phase sequencing as needed.
  • We ensure you have all required items such as drawings and permits and conduct final inspections to ensure the project complies with local regulations and building codes and that buildings are safe for visitors and staff.
  • Our rapid, efficient government project construction process is more cost-effective than conventional methods. This means projects are completed sooner with less disruption to staff and citizens.
  • We offer various customization options, accessories, and insulation options that help you improve energy efficiency.

If you are looking for a partner with experience providing construction services for cities and counties, we can help.

Request a consultation to discuss your government construction projects.