Warehouse Construction for Storage and Light Industrial Facilities

Storage and Light Industrial Facilities

Warehouses are essential for efficient distribution of goods and every item spends time in a warehouse at some point with a manufacturer, importer, exporter, wholesaler or customs broker. This means it is essential to work with an experienced warehouse construction company that understands how the building will be used, the owner’s requirements and the types of design materials and methods applicable for the types of goods that will be stored.

These are some benefits of collaborating with us on warehouse construction projects.

  • We leverage our pre-engineered metal building construction expertise to design facilities that are durable enough to hold heavy loads while optimizing project costs.
  • We have experience designing facilities that include refrigeration and cold storage, provisions for chemical storage and loading docks for different types and sizes of trucks.
  • We can create designs that accommodate all sizes and types of equipment and machinery, such as forklifts and loaders.
  • We help you balance building size against storage needs during the planning and design stage to ensure you will have the capacity to store items and equipment efficiently. 
  • Our experienced team can provide recommendations on the best sustainability and energy-saving features to help you reduce energy costs.
  • All our warehouse designs include fireproofing provisions and cladding materials certified as flame-retardant.
  • If you are already working with a design team, we can assist with budgeting, constructability, phase sequencing as needed.
  • Our rapid, efficient construction process is more cost-effective than methods used by other Industrial construction companies. So, your facility will be completed sooner and you will see a quicker return on your investment.
  • We have an excellent track record of completing projects on time because we understand that each day that you cannot do business costs you money.

If you are planning a warehouse construction project, you need an experienced warehouse construction company.

Request a consultation to learn how we can make your project a success.