Custom and Speciality Projects and Construction Services

Custom Construction Services

Providing custom and specialty construction services for projects that are out of the ordinary and managing and completing them effectively requires the ability to “think outside the box.” During our 50+ years in business, we have provided custom and specialty construction services on many projects and learned how to adapt to unusual and unexpected situations.

These are benefits of partnering with us on custom and specialty construction projects.

  • We can combine pre-engineered metal buildings with general contracting services to deliver optimal solutions cost-effectively.
  • Our team has extensive experience coordinating the installation of manufacturing and industrial machinery and equipment as well as furniture, fixtures and equipment (FFE).
  • We pre-purchase materials to expedite construction and avoid delays.
  • We have extensive experience accommodating unique needs such as a food processing facility that requires a chiller or freezing plant or production facilities that include offices and retail.
  • Our crews are knowledgeable about the requirements of specific industries such as mining, food production and transportation/logistics.
  • If you are already working with a design team, we can assist with budgeting, constructability, phase sequencing as needed.
  • Our rapid, efficient construction process is more cost-effective than methods used by other Industrial construction companies. So, your facility will be completed sooner and you will see a quicker return on your investment.
  • We offer various customization options and a wide range of accessories and insulation options that improve energy efficiency and productivity.
  • We complete projects on time because we know that each day that you cannot do business costs you money.

If you are planning a project that requires custom or specialty construction services, working with an experienced commercial contractor is essential.

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